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Language contacts have taken place in the past, are taking place today and will be taking place in the future. They form an integral part of linguistic evolution; they are that segment of linguistics that makes them interesting for studying and a challenge for linguistic research. In Macedonian onomastics they are typical phenomenon for border areas (Slavic-Slavic and Slavic-non-Slavic areas) and also for the ethnically mixed regions in the interior. In these mixed regions Macedonians live together with Albanians, Turks, Vlachs, Gypsies. Out of these situations of language contacts, necessarily for modern-day living is the interference of English (only present in a couple of categories: in personal names, in nicknames and in chrematonyms). Apart from this contacts with above mentioned nationalities and their languages have influence in more onomastics categories: personal names, nicknames, surnames, place names, oronyms, hydronyms, chrematonyms, etc.

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